Pastors & Staff

Dave & vinita Szczepanski

Senior Pastor

The Szczepanskis were saved in the Jesus movement of the 1970's. As a young, hapless couple caught up and confused in the irresponsible and feckless hippie drug culture, they began struggling in their five year marriage. In 1977 they found their way into the small Potter's House Church in Payson, Arizona, where they both encountered Jesus in a supernatural way and surrendered their lives to Christ. Having found deliverance and freedom from the drug culture they had been a part of, they were excited to share their new faith with family and friends. They began to find true meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ and His call upon their lives into the ministry. They were launched into pastoral ministry in 1984, pioneering several churches, and have been serving in the Jacksonville church for 31 years. The Szczepanskis are thoroughly enjoying seeing precious souls saved, helping disciple young aspiring young ministers, and planting churches in the states and nations of the world.

Wayne & Lesha King

Assistant Pastor

The Kings are both foundational members and ministers in The Door Jacksonville Church. Pastor King gave his life to Christ in the Marine Corps Barracks in Guam as a young 19 year old Marine. Soon stationed at Camp Lejeune he found his way into the church where he met his lifelong love, Lesha Knatt, also serving in the Marine Corps. Married in 1990, they started a family and then answered the call to pastoral ministry, pioneering a church in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1995. They have been faithfully serving with their family in ministry for over 30 years. The Kings have served in various places and positions in ministry and have now served as assistants in the Jacksonville Church for over 20 years. The Kings are always serving in the local congregation and are blessed to count their children and grandchildren as members of the local church. 

DUSTY & JILL Speiser

Assistant Pastor

The Speisers came to The Door Jacksonville in 2021 and have assumed the role as assistants, helping with pastoral duties and care within the church. Pastor Dusty was a young and lost Marine when he gave his life to Christ in 2002. He came into the Jacksonville church and was soon involved, serving in various ministries. He met his wife, Jill, at a Prescott Arizona Bible Conference in 2004. Jill, surrendered her heart to the Lord at a young age. As the daughter John and Coleen Overson, she was raised in a life of ministry, as her parents pioneered and pastored several churches stateside and also spent many years in the mission fields of Africa. Shortly after meeting Dusty, the two were married and living in Jacksonville. Launched into the ministry in 2008, they have been faithfully serving in ministry, including seven years pastoring overseas in Mendoza, Argentina. The Speisers and their young family are an integral part of our local church and we are grateful to have their leadership.

Craig & SANDY MacLaughlin


Craig MacLaughlin has been faithfully serving as an Evangelist at the The Door for over twenty years. Originally from Massachusetts, Craig found faith while in his junior year of high school in Cape Cod. He soon began feeling a call to ministry and preaching. He held his first evangelistic revival meeting at 19 years old. He met his wife, Sandy, in the church choir and they were married in 1988. They have two children that are also involved in ministry. After spending years as an Evangelist, they relocated to Marietta, Georgia where  he pastored a congregation for 5 years. In 2001 their family moved to Jacksonville as an Evangelist based out of the Jacksonville Church and have been here since. Craig has been able to visit and minister in over 50 nations of the world bringing the gospel's message of hope into foreign lands. 

Brian & ann mcrae


While serving at Camp Lejeune, a fellow Marine invited Bryan to The Door in Jacksonville where he got saved and gave his heart to the Lord. Ann got saved in a small pioneer church in Columbia, SC when a friend likewise invited her out. While faithfully serving God in their respective local churches, Bryan went on an out of town outreach to help the Columbia, SC church and in doing so, met Ann. After dating for six months, Bryan asked Ann to marry him and they were married shortly after and have been serving in various roles in the church. The McRaes pioneered their first church in Greenville, NC from 1998-2002 and have since pastored churches in the Carolinas, Florida and Virginia. The McRaes are now serving in the role of Evangelist, as Bryan travels to churches throughout our fellowship sharing timely messages to various congregations. The McRaes were blessed with a son and a daughter and are now the proud grandparents to three grandchildren. The Jacksonville Church is grateful for the McRaes and their servants hearts as they serve the local congregation.